Creative Critical Reflection AS

Question 1:  How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues?

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Question 2:  How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

I would like to present you how our product engages with the audience and how we would distribute it as a real media text.

Before we decided what type of film to make, we carried out a survey that was completed by 133 people. We found out that 84% of the respondents were aged between 16 and 24. Also, it was important for us to know what kind of films our audience enjoys. Drama was the most popular choice, followed by thriller and comedy. We set out to create an opening for a drama in the first place, so we were glad that our audience prefers this genre. After we established our target audience, we started to create the media text.

The plot of the film follows the daily routine of the main character and his interior thoughts. Because the main character suffers from a mental disorder that he gained after a tragic event that he experienced, the story is a very emotional and powerful one. This fact helps the audience to empathize with him. I think the audience can somehow relate to our character as they also know what he thinks of with the help of the monologue. Throughout their existence, every person has a period in his life when he/she has to cope with some problems. Square One shows one reaction that could take place after a traumatic experience. Also, I consider that every person that lost someone special can relate to our protagonist and understand how difficult it is to accept the reality.

It would be amazing to be able to put on screen the entire film Square One, so if it would be to distribute the media text in the real life I would distribute it in several ways.

First of all, I would have to make publicity to the media text. This is because publicity is one of the key awareness drivers for indie movies. I could do this by placing features in major newspapers, booked radio, television, podcast interviews and ensure that the film is reviewed.

Also, I would send the film to some European Film Festivals, probably starting with a well-known local film festival called Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF). After obtaining some great prizes, I would try to send the film to a studio. If the studio likes our media product, it will make a licensing agreement with a distribution company. In this way, the film could be seen in the cinemas. I would like the film to be screened in the big chains of cinemas, but also in some local cinemas that for example only screen indie movies that not necessarily follow the Hollywood style.

From our survey that we designed, we figured out that online streaming is just as popular as the cinema, these being the preferred choices of more than 70%of respondents. Because of this fact, I would also distribute the film online, for example on platforms such as Netflix or Vimeo.

The last way of distribution would be by selling DVD’s. Even though nowadays people are not renting or buying so many DVDs that they used to in the past, some people still opt for this option. In order to be able to catch some audience that isn’t necessarily our target one, I will also opt to produce some DVD’s with the final media text entitled Square One.

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Question 3: How did your production skills develop throughout this project?

I chose to answer this question in a different manner. With the help of a site that generates letters, I wrote a letter to myself from the past.


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Question 4:  How did you integrate technologies – software, hardware and online – in this project?



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